Advanced Analytics

We understand that everyone wants different things from reports. That is why we have created an Advanced Analytics Application. This allows our customers to create their own individual reports using their data.


Build your own reports

We understand that everyone wants to see different things in their reports. You want things displayed in a way that suits you. With Advanced Analytics, each person can choose what data they see and how they see it.

Charts just as you need them

In Advanced Analytics, you can build the graph that you need in a single click. All you need to do is to select which data you want to see,  choose what type of graph you want for it and within seconds you have the chart right in front of you.

Every morning to your email

Do you want to be automatically informed about the performance of your contact centre every morning or evening? All customised reports can be sent to your mailbox at a defined time. Each report can be designed to show no just what you want to see but also when you want to see it.

Custom metrics

If you only want to see the information or calculations relevant for you, then all you need to do to define your own calculation based on standard maths operations, create the report and then display the results as you need them. These can be emailed just to you, if required