Startup Eshops – Useful Tips on Missed Calls Management

For beginning e-shops, there is no need to choose overly complicated solutions, on the contrary, it is advisable to stick to the simplest possible line. Here we recommend setting up a virtual exchange and then choose if you want to use a fixed or mobile number.

The most common problems with smaller e-shops are phone calls. Often they do not record missed calls, and you may lose customers who want to communicate with you via the e-shop.

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Why use a virtual exchange?

The virtual telephone exchange allows you to monitor calls. You can choose if you want to use only records of your calls, or clear and detailed statistics, and you can also decide if you want to record calls. The service can be modified or expanded at any time as needed. Thanks to the exchange, you will also get the opportunity to set working and non-working hours, and record missed or out of hours calls.

Why use helpdesk?

If your e-shop continues to grow and the number of requests from your website becomes confusing, for example multiple emails, contact forms from the website, and web chat, it may not be clear if they are all processed. Then it‘s time to use the Helpdesk. It is a ticketing system, and each client’s request is assigned a unique number, under which it is further processed. You will have all emails, forms, chats, Facebook Messengers, and calls, clearly in one web interface, so you can immediately see which request has already been processed and which is waiting to be processed. If more people work on customer support in your e-shop, communication with customers will become much easier to process.

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How to SMS?

A very popular tool for customer care is the SMS connector. This is the automatic sending of SMS messages, which is used in e-shops mainly to confirm orders or to send information about the dispatch of goods. If you are dedicated to the e-shop alone or with only a few operators, you will certainly appreciate this simple automation.

How to use web chat?

Web Chat is now also perceived as a standard for e-shops. But it is important to have an overview of the completed web chat, to be able to connect them with the customer and his order. If a customer addresses you in this way, you are able to see his current position on your website, ie what he is currently viewing, and you can better respond to his questions.

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What does decision chatbot mean?

A relatively new feature is the decision-making Chatbot. This is used to guide the customer through the purchase on your site. This is an assisted purchase in which Chatbot offers the customer variants and at the end of their communication, the goods are ordered or connected to the operator of your customer line.

How to social network?

FB Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber are also increasingly popular methods of communication. This will enable you to communicate better with clients from mobile phones, where the current trend in shopping is largely shifting.

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