Business VoIP
Phone Systems

The Daktela system will support most popular IP Phones, but if you want us to include them as part of our support agreement then we provide a range of our own recommended devices. Most goods are in stock and we will deliver them to you within 24 hours, all carry a lifetime guarantee and can be purchased or rented as required. All our devices come pre-configured with the relevant user settings allowing them to simply and easily self install.



Desktop IP phones

Yealink IP phones – devices with a great price vs. performance ratio. Yealink is a leading global manufacturer of IP devices with its  own development and innovation teams .

CP 960 Daktela

Conference solutions

Yealink audio conferencing does require you to upgrade existing networks, which translates into real savings for many SMEs.

W52 Yealink daktela

Wireless IP phones

These devices combine the benefits of a portable phone with IP telephony.  Whether you are in the office, running around the warehouse or have a large workplace your phone is always with you.

sluchátka mrd daktela


Professional headset with high-quality clear sound and ambient noise suppression technology, suitable for noisy environments.


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