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Plantronics CS540 - Headsets with Microphone

Plantronics CS-540 / A is a DECT wireless headset with a range of up to 100 m designed for desk corded telephones (analog and IP).

CS 540 – the legendary Plantronics CS series brings a new dimension to desktop communication with the new CS500 ™ Series, the lightest DECT ™ headset on the market with a new, aerodynamic design and higher performance. Become mobile and flexible up to a distance of 100 meters from your desk thanks to the buttons for answering and ending the call and adjusting the volume. Due to the high variability that offers three different ways to wear the headset, each user will find their own style according to personal preferences. Enjoy the sleek and modern design of the new model with the first-class broadband sound quality and wireless mobility it offers, along with the high reliability and performance that has made the CS series famous and bestseller for almost a decade. With the new CS500 series, we are once again raising the bar one step higher in the area of desk phone headsets.

Wireless technology: DECT
Range: up to 100 m, normally around 50 m
For desk phone: yes
For mobile phone: no
For PC softphone: no
Frequency range: up to 6800 Hz
Operating hours: 7 hours
Charging time: 3 hours
Attachment: head clip or ear hook (both included)
Design: for one ear
Microphone: for noisy environments
MUTE function: yes
Volume control: yes
Remote call reception: using the answering machine
Remote call termination: using the answering machine
Mechanical jack HL10 in the package: no
Electronic lifter in the package: no
Weight: handset – 22 g


Conference call:
It is possible to register another 3x guest headset to the CS-540 / A base to make a conference call. (The designation of the headphones themselves is 86179-02).

To connect an additional headset to your wireless headset, follow these steps:
1. During an active call, the guest handset is inserted into the CS-540 / A base and it is paired with it – it is indicated by a diode on the base.
2. After pairing, a tone sounds in the primary headset to indicate that another handset is connected.
3. Pressing (within 10 seconds) the answer button on the primary headset allows the guest handset to join the call.


Package contents:
– 1x headband
– 1x charging base
– 1x 230V adapter
– 1x gel attachment
– 1x head clip
– 2x ear hook
– 1x cable for headphone / telephone connection
– 1x battery (is inserted in the headband)
– 1x manual AJ / CZ

Optional accessories:
84605-01 – buckle over the head
84606-01 – neck clip
84604-01 – spare hooks for the ear
86180-01 – spare battery
81423-01 – power adapter
86179-02 – handset including battery, headband and ear hooks
87229-01 – spare leatherette cushion
84599-01 – charging cradle
86005-01 – charging base for 1 handset (for charging cradle 84599-01)
84609-01 – charging base for 5 headphones (for charging cradle 84599-01)
– electronic hoists, see list below
– mechanical jack HL10

Plantronics Code:
– CS540
– PART No .: 84693-02

Overview of PLANTRONICS wireless headsets:
For desk telephones:
CS-540 / A – for one ear (compact design), head clip, ear hook
CS-510 / A – for one ear, head clip
CS-520 / A – on both ears, clip over the head
CS-530 / A – for one ear, hook per ear

For desktop telephones and at the same time connectable to mobile phones and PCs (3 in 1)
SAVI-W710 / A
SAVI-W720 / A
SAVI-W730 / A
SAVI-W730 / A-M
SAVI-W740 / A
SAVI-W740 / A-M


For CS-5xx / SAVI-W7xx / SAVI-WOxxx series headsets
APA-23 – electronic lifter for ALCATEL system telephones (formerly APA-22)
APS-11 – electronic lifter for SIEMENS system telephones (formerly APS-10)
APC-42 – electronic lifter for CISCO telephones (formerly APC-40 / APC-41)
APV-63 – electronic lifter for AVAYA phones (formerly APV-62)
APV-66 – electronic lifter for AVAYA telephones (wood APV-65)
APP-51 – electronic lifter for POLYCOM phones (formerly APP-50)
APU-71 – electronic lifter for telephones CISCO, NORTEL
APC-45 – electronic lifter for selected CISCO telephones
APC-82 – electronic lifter for selected CISCO telephones
APD-80 – electronic lifter for selected Grandstrem phones
84757-01 – cable for connecting selected Panasonic phones with EHS
EHS36 – electronic lifter for WELL / YEALINK phones (not manufactured by Plantronics)

The electronic answering machine allows selected telephones (with EEC support) to answer and end a call at the touch of a button on the Plantronics wireless headset.

If you are not sure whether the tilt kit will work with your phone, please contact us.
Warranty: 2 years


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