Sennheiser 260 SC

The design of the headset has been designed with an emphasis on durability for daily operation in a contact center. The SC 260 also offers: the patented CircleFlex® double ear hook, for an instant perfect fit on the ears and the highest possible comfort, a microphone with elimination of ambient noise and a light headband.

Headset SC 262 – this variant is optimized for use with low impedance devices such as mobile phones and DECT phones.

■ Best in class – the patented CircleFlex® double earring system guarantees comfortable all-day wear. Thanks to this system, the headset earrings fit perfectly on the ear.
■ Noise-canceling microphone – optimal clarity of transmitted voice thanks to filtering out disturbing ambient noise.
■ Robust durable construction.
■ Double-sided headset – the possibility of fine adjustment of the head bridge to the shape of the head, suitable for noisy environments.
■ High durability – the head bridge is reinforced with metal Sennheiser HD voice clarity – broadband sound, natural listening.
■ Flexible microphone arm – always ensuring the optimal position of the microphone. Swivel microphone arm in the range of 350 ° – the possibility of precise adjustment and carrying the microphone on the left or right side.
■ Headset tag – This avoids the use of a neighbor’s headset ActiveGard ™ * – technology protecting against acoustic shocks.

Package contents:
■ SC 260 headset
■ Acoustic foam earbuds
■ Clip


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