VideoChat & Cobrowsing

WebRTC audio and video technologies bring you completely new opportunities for customer communication. Daktela V6 newly allows you to offer cobrowsing or video chat directly from your website, be it e-shop, products & services or any other web presentation. Moreover, there is no need to install anything! The technology is available directly in Daktela V6 system.

Easy to deploy

To deploy cobrowsing on your website is a matter of few minutes. All you need is to have an active web queue and paste short HTML code to your webpage. From that moment on, video chat and screen sharing features are instantly available to your customers and contact center agents. No need of any other installations or complicated configurations.

Compatibility across channels

Cobrowsing and video chat can be initiated from any channel either by providing customer with a one-time link or directly by offering a video chat. Enable cobrowsing at the designated queue and simply start using it. You can do:

  • Call with cobrowsing – one-time link is sent to customer’s email, which (when clicked on) will connect the customer directly to the call center agent. In this case, agent sees customer’s PC screen and can guide it via phone on what to do.
  • Call with video chat – customer is outside of office or his PC and  the agent needs to get connected to customer’s mobile video. Customer receives SMS with one-time link for mobile video sharing.
  • Web chat with cobrowsing – customer is browsing through you website  and is offered a cobrowsing option within  webchat conversation/window. Customer only allows screen sharing and the agent can navigate the customer directly on  the website.

Video chat functionality is supported in most of the modern web browsers including mobile phones.


The look and feel of video chat and cobrowsing can be completely customized. It is thus possible to choose if the agent will offer communication with a web camera on or just with a a screen sharing. Likewise, it is possible to implement the whole functionality into any web page layout or to its single element. You can opt for Cobrowsing feature in its basic form so deployment is as fast and simple as possible or you can opt for the fully customizable option.