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All communication channels in one application

Daktela clearly unifies communication with customers, including its history and detailed statistics. Whether the client calls, writes an SMS or e-mail, contacts on social networks or web chat, everything is displayed online in a single solution.

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Daktela customer call center platform brings benefits to everyone!

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The customer 

Does everything he needs without waiting.

Asset 102

The operator 

Has all the information about the customer clearly available, no matter where he works from.

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The call center supervisor

Has an overview of the situation in the team of operators and can react quickly as needed.


Come see how our sophisticated omnichannel solution works, which allows you to handle multiple communication channels within one platform.

In one application you can see the history of all phone calls, emails, web chats, SMS and messages from selected social networks. See everything Daktela has to offer in the Menu below.

From the displayed modules, which are included in the Daktela automatic software, you can choose only the ones you need right now to communicate with your own customers.

Check out how Daktela software works here – demo.

We are constantly adding technological innovations and expanding the range of our services:


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