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Full outbound contact centre dialler capability

Outbound campaigns provide you with the tools to contact customers direct. Each campaign can be set up using manual, preview or predictive dialling modes. Our Campaign Module allows you to import any target phone numbers you want. You can also add a web-based call script if required for agents on the call to help guide them. Real time information and historical campaign reports show agents’ states and performance.

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Basic Features

Create call scripts in minutes

Daktela uses a drag and drop system for creating call scripts for outbound call campaigns. You can create your own call script items i.e radio buttons etc and then drag them to the right place in the call script.

Dialing options

You can choose different dialing methods for each campaign. These include preview (manual), progressive, or predictive dialing. You can also change these during the campaign if required to maximise performance.

Importing and exporting

Importing and exporting of campaign data is available via XLS, CSV or API. Using a variety of filters, it is possible to export whole call scripts or only the items you want. Daktela also highlights any duplicates found during data import.

Bulk download of call recordings

Using predefined filters, we can bulk download any outbound campaign's call recordings needed. All call recording downloads are via the web interface to a ZIP file or there is access via FTPS.

History of changes - snapshots

All activities completed within individual campaigns are recorded. This allows you to create a complete history of the campaign performance. These records provide data on who imported any lists and when the number was dialed or changed. You can also get snapshots on performance at any time.

Call monitoring

All outbound calls can be monitored live by supervisors as required. Call recordings can also be reviewed later to ensure call quality. These recordings are retrieved and played directly in the web interface.

Dialing options

Preview dialing

The Preview (manual) dialing option allows agents to start calls manually. They do this by clicking the call button, having first reviewed the information in the customer’s contact form. After the call finishes, the agent inputs the appropriate call outcome and closes the customer form.

Manuální navolávání Daktela
Dialer Daktela

Progressive dialing

With progressive dialing, Daktela will display a customer contact form for a pre-defined period of time allowing the agent to check it. Once this time has expired, the system calls the contact. In case of no answer, the system closes the call and retrieves another form. In the case of successful call, the agent then completes and closes the call as normal.

Predictive dialing

With our predictive dialer software you can achieve a high level of customer contact. Using our solution helps maximise agent utilisation and cost efficiency in the contact centre. The system is set up to call a list of telephone numbers. It screens out all unproductive calls to ensure it only connects a waiting agent to a live customer.

Daktela predictive

Robocaller Daktela


Dakatela provides you the ability to make agent-less outbound calls to targeted customers. This is a special outbound campaign designed to automatically make outbound calls, without the need for any human involvement. When our Robocaller connects with a customer you have a range of options available to you. You can play a prerecorded personalised message to provide information or complete a customer survey. You can even turn the outbound call into an inbound one if the customer wants. As no Agents are involved the service can operate 24/7 if desired.

Advanced functions

Integration with external systems – CRM, BI

Our open API architecture allows for easy integration with external systems. As a result of this you can combine the Daktela data relating to activity with other external systems data. This allows us to create bespoke reports within our system. Many of our customers choose to download this Daktela data into their own Business Information systems for further processing and analysis. For example, you can use a ready-made plug into Keboola Connection.

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Daktela wallboard

Real time performance statistics

We provide a range of statistics relating to your operational performance. All of these can be calculated and displayed in real time. We provide real-time panels or  wall boards which can be customised to show exactly what you want. The historical campaign reports on the system also provide important information on agent performance, trending patterns over time, number of orders etc

Databases of phone numbers in campaigns

Administration of phone numbers in campaigns is easy. In each campaign you can create different databases of phone numbers. This allows you to import numbers into different databases within the same campaign. These campaign databases can then be set to paused or active. You can have as many active databases in campaigns at the same time as you want. You can also make paused databases active when the call answer rate is low to boost performance.

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