Wallboard – Real-Time Information and Statistics

LCD Wallboard is a web application which provides a real time display status of the contact centre.

It is optimised for LCD screens but can be used on all types of computer screens. Many of our customers use the Wallboard on dedicated LCD screens, where they show information about achieved SLAs for queues, call rates, call statuses, agent statuses or helpdesk performance. Each Wallboard is made up of predefined widgets and the team-leader can easily create the views required.


Basic Features

Widget based system

Daktela Wallboard offers many predefined statistical widgets which can be used to build a fully customised Wallboard configuration. Statistical widgets are available across all communication channels.

Supports all devices

Daktela Wallboard can be used on almost any device that supports a web browser. Our customers use our Wallboards on LCD screens, projectors or even PC monitors.

Configuring KPI values

Our Wallboard software allows you to create widgets with set KPI values. Once set, you can measure current performance against these values and highlight any deviations. If the resulting statistics are better or worse than expected, this is highlighted in a different colour.

Widget timeframe

You can set different time frames for each widget. This allows you to determine when each widget operates and therefore what period the statistics are calculated over, e.g. performance in the last hour etc.

Real time information

The Daktela platform calculates all statistics in real time and the same goes for the Daktela Wallboard, displaying current information in real time without any delay.

Rotating text

The Daktela Wallboard allows you to display different text on each wallboard. You can periodically rotate this if required, displaying information on the screen as needed. These can be used as alerts for agents.

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