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Adding Daktela WebChat to your website or e-shop is simple and takes minutes.

Our design can also be customised to match your existing website theme. WebChat is an increasingly popular communication channel and should not be overlooked. Agents handle incoming enquiries directly within the Daktela application. All communication is saved within the communication history.

Daktela Webchat

Basic Features

Custom chat box design

Daktela enables you to customise your WebChat to match your website design. You can also edit all welcome texts and colours and you can choose from a wide range of pre-defined styles. And if that’s not enough, you can even make your own chat box using our developer library.

Chat reason codes

In every chat’s queue you set a chat reason code which is dictated by the outcome of the the chat session. Based on this information you can then report on the most common types and areas of questions and make conclusions based on this analysis

Handle multiple chats

Daktela WebChat allows you to handle many different chats at a time. You can set a maximum number of concurrent chats for each agent based on their ability. You can even make or receive calls or emails during your work on WebChats if needed

Visitor tracking

The WebChat agent can see the webpage the WebChat was initiated from in real time. It also tracks all clicks and URL changes. By providing this information it allows the agent responding to better react to any enquiry.

Chat transfers and consultation

A WebChat agent can transfer the chat to another agent or invite another Team member into their existing WebChat for a consultation.

Chat transcripts

All WebChat communication transcripts are saved and are automatically added to customers' communication history. You can even use the benefits of full text search if needed to find relevant information.

Advanced functions

Customised Webchat design

If you prefer not to use one of our pre-designed style templates, we have created a Daktela WebChat developer library for website developers. Using this library you can create a complete custom designed WebChat template to fully reflect your website design.

Daktela webchat design

Daktela statistics chart, graph, statistics, analytics, line, overlap

Webchat reports and statistics

We provide a full range of predefined WebChat reports with the system. The views can be predefined or you can build your own customised displays using the widgets provided. The most common predefined reports we provide show the number of WebChats in various queues, SLA, Webchat length, individual agent performance etc.

Integration with Helpdesk and CRM

As our WebChat is integrated with our CRM system and helpdesk the agent is able to view the complete customer communication history across all channels at the beginning of the Chat . The agent can assign the WebChat to any existing helpdesk tickets or create a new one. A WebChat transcript is then added to the customer’s communication history at the end of Chat.



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