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Today, the world is facing a SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and we all need to join forces and contribute our knowledge and experience in this unequal battle. Daktela also seeks to contribute what it does best by facilitating organized communication between doctors and patients.

Line 1234 helps answer questions about coronavirus

In cooperation with TV Prima and Daktela, ÚAMK prepared a non-stop information line. On this line, ÚAMK operators help solve urgent questions about the situation surrounding coronavirus spread.


Contact Center for Hospitals in the Pardubice Region

Last night (19.3.2020), in cooperation with our long-term partner T-Mobile, we managed to launch a contact center for hospitals in the Pardubice region. It was a two-day marathon of setting up, training and testing in hectic conditions, but the result is a centralized report from GPs and patients confirmed with COVID19. The hospital’s trained operators are on the reception, using our system to take the call, record the necessary information and then immediately use it for the affected patients within the built-up collection points. Communication takes place by phone and then subsequently information about agreed donations is sent to patients by SMS.


Trace call center

In the meantime, our team, in cooperation with several other organizations, is launching a “Trace Call Center” for the Chief Health Officer of the Czech Republic and the Government of the Czech Republic. Data will be collected and used to contact people who may have been in contact with infected people, preventing the possibility of the disease and preventing further spread. For this purpose, we used our campaign management module, currently part of the Daktela V6 solution, accompanied by appropriate diallers. A major benefit was that our solution easily integrates with other systems, meaning we can simply combine and output all the available information on the infected person on one single agent screen.

Security is our priority

Daktela Covid19


Infoline uLékař

A new special coronavirus infoline has also been created for the largest online medical clinic uLékař, which serves employees of companies that use their services as a benefit, so they have at their disposal exclusively professionally trained medical staff.


We can “clone” all these systems very quickly and deliver them to other organizations needing a similar solution. We have a team of experts who have many years of experience in building these solutions and we will be happy to offer our knowledge in this difficult time.


Do you need to temporarily increase the number of PBX lines?

Does the state of emergency mean you need to add mobile or SW phones to handle this new situation?

In times of exceptional precautions, we will add free lines to all our customers and can also advise on how you can properly manage the employees’ home office.

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