Daktela CRM

Daktela CRM is an integral part of Daktela platform and it is an optimized system for collecting, sorting and processing data about your customers, especially their contacts. One of the main function is an automatic saving of communication history through all available communication channels to each contact and account, including helpdesk tickets. When operator receives inbound request (call, email, webchat, sms, ..) Daktela automatically shows the relevant contact card with all communication history together with helpdesk’s tickets. This information can help operator to solve the request much more easily and faster.

Basic Features

Automatic communication history

Daktela CRM provides an automatic communication history for each contact and account, including helpdesk tickets. This history is instantly available to operators.

Attachments and contact forms

Daktela CRM can store an unlimited number of attachments to contacts and accounts - eg. contracts docs. In addition, you can also create and store structured contact forms - eg. complaint protocol.

Configure the CRM structure

With Daktela CRM you can configure how the customer's and the account's card should look like, that is, what items should be on the card. All kinds of data fields are supported.

Import and Export

Daktela CRM enables import and export of contacts and accounts. Supported formats are CSV or Microsoft Excel. It is possible to define which columns and items will be exported or imported and you can save schema templates for future use.

Automatic opening of the CRM card

Daktela can automatically open the relevant contact card with all communication history and helpdesk’s tickets on inbound customer's request.

Fulltext search

Daktela CRM allows easy to use full-text search across all communication channels with the intelligent whispering of words. It is also possible to use complex search filters and save them for future use.

Advanced functions

API and synchronization with external systems

Daktela CRM provides public API for integration with external systems. With help of our valuable customers we have implemented plenty of projects dealing with automatic synchronization of CRM contacts with third-party ERP and CRM systems. The main advantage of Daktela CRM is instant access to customer contact card on inbound request.

Advanced call routing based on CRM data

Daktela platform enables advanced call routing based on data stored in integrated Daktela CRM or in an external CRM using REST API. Popular scenario is the implementation of customer’s segmentation – this is when you need to route incoming calls from VIP customers to VIP queue (staffed by experienced operators) and other calls to other queues. In this case, you just need to have by CRM contacts a flag of VIP customer and Daktela can follow this flag when routing calls.

Snapshots – history of changes

Daktela CRM automatically saves any changes of contact or company to change history – we call that snapshots. Any change is then available on one mouse’s click by each card and thus, you can check anytime who and when edited the contact.