Daktela and partnership with EPOS


Our customers prefer quality headphones, so it is no surprise that Sennheiser headphones are very popular with our customers  in the UK.

As the Sennheiser Range of Headsets is the preference for most of our UK Customers we decided to respond positively when approached by EPOS-Senneiser asking if we would like to join their EPOS AMPLIFY partner programme. 

EPOS, the world leading headset provider acquired the Sennheiser brand some while ago and has now chosen to rebrand all Sennheiser models as EPOS. Working directly with EPOS allows us to get access to sample headsets for customers and receive aggressive pricing support on larger deals which allows us to offer the best prices for our customers.

The Sennheiser brand  has long been associated with quality and has been producing high-end headphones for more than seventy years. During this time, it has held a number of groundbreaking patents and brings many innovations to the world of headphones today. That’s why Sennheiser headphones will appeal to even the most demanding users with first-class sound and quality workmanship.

The 24 month guarantee provided with all headsets combined with the exceptional pricing ensures that our customers better protect their investment. We look forward to a successful partnership and whilst this does not preclude us from offering alternative headsets we are particularly pleased to be associated with EPOS Sennheiser.

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