Daktela Browser Extension

With this Daktela browser extension, you can control calls without having to have Daktela open.

The extension is available for browsers:

Version: 1.4.1

Daktela desktop extension screen

And what does this plugin allow within the browser?

  • Dial telephone numbers
  • Dial CRM contacts directly from the phone number form field
  • Dial numbers directly from any webpage you’re currently browsing, using the context menu
  • Accept, reject, hold, or transfer call activities
  • Switch to pause or return to ready state
  • Send direct SMS messages
  • Log in or log out of individual queues based on your permissions
  • Dial phone numbers based on your recent activities

Daktela extension login screen
Daktela extension select extension screen
Daktela extension interface
Daktela extension - write SMS screen

Chrome/Firefox extensions require that you or your company use Daktela V6.
More about how to install and use this plugin can be found here.