Daktela implements Feedyou’s virtual assistants

Daktela nově implementuje virtuální asistenty společnosti Feedyou

Contact centres are increasingly using the benefits of robotic assistants to automate communication with customers. Daktela is also cooperating with Feedyou, which is developing a new generation of intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants.

Chatbots, which today are an essential element of communication automation, generally focus on addressing recurring customer requirements. “They reduce the number of conversations that a live person in a call centre would have. In some companies, this can reduce head count by 50% allowing these heads to be utilised elsewhere, and can significantly reduce costs,” said Richard Baar, CEO and founder of Daktela.

The main advantage of Feedyou chatbots is that they are able to handle up to 80 % of the most common questions, provide an immediate answer and handle communication during peak and off-hours (eg 62 % of Feedyou users communicate between 18-22 hours and 25 % on weekends). Another advantage is that the chatbot handles tedious, frequently recurring questions, so the operator can investigate and solve more complex requests or problems, making their workload more interesting.

“As part of our collaboration, we have prepared an integration that will allow Feedyou chatbot to act as a virtual operator in the Daktela system. Therefore, immediately after starting a conversation, the new chat user takes over the chatbot and communicates with him using pre-prepared scenarios, or uses language models to understand text messages. Only if the chatbot does not know how to proceed, or if the user directly requests it, will it forward the conversation to a specific group of operators. In addition to plain text messages, users can also use quick reply buttons, view multimedia content or insert attachments, which can streamline and make communication more pleasant and guide users in the right direction,” says Feedyou CEO Vojtěch Dlouhý.

Daktela and Feedyou are now preparing to enter foreign markets together. Feedyou technology currently supports up to 40 languages, including English, German, Polish, Czech and Slovak.

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