Daktela also implements Vocalls voice and chat bots

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Customer line automation is an important tool for more and more companies and e-shops. Instead of operators, VoiceBot can handle common questions and requests from clients, thanks to speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence. The virtual assistant can understand the human voice and respond to it according to a pre-prepared scenario.

Daktela has been cooperating with Vocalls since January 2021, which develops such assistants, and offers companies automation of their customer lines directly in the exchange system. VoiceBot Vocalls can make and receive calls via Daktela solutions and also share all data with the operator.

VoiceBot can be used, for example, to address clients of a company or e-shop in bulk. The bot manages to make a simple personalised call with them, and enter the resulting status into the database. Clients who do not want to have a conversation with the robot, can be transferred to a live operator, so the call will be redirected to an incoming call queue. After picking up, the operator will see a complete transcript of the call thanks to the integration. Everything is recorded in the Daktela system and the operator has a complete history of communication, including the transcription of the call with the VoiceBot.

The VoiceBot can also be used on the incoming line. Instead of the classic voice signpost and pressing the desired dial number, simply tell the robot what you need or who you want to talk to, and it will connect you to the right person.

An integration is prepared in the Daktela system for displaying data, thanks to which the operator will immediately see what was happening on the line before the connection with the operator took place.

For more information you can contact us at daktela@daktela.com.


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