Virtual PBX VM Edition

Daktela PBX VM Edition is a specially optimised edition of our PBX designed for installation into the customer’s virtualised environment.

This solution is especially useful for those who need to operate the PBX or CallCentre on their own infrastructure and have access to existing virtualised environment with spare capacity. Supported platforms include VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V and KVM. Daktela PBX VM Edition offers the same range of telephony features associated with typical hardware based on-premise PBXs. It can also be extended to include the omni-channel callcentre module, providing access to a range of additional communication channels.


Basic Features

Support of virtualized platforms

Daktela PBX VM Edition supports leading virtualised platforms, including notably VMware, Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V or Linux KVM.

Running on the customer's infrastructure

Daktela PBX VM Edition runs on the customer's virtual infrastructure, which is under their full control. Daktela has remote access for service purposes only.

Network Operating Centre (NOC) monitoring

All servers and component solutions are continuously monitored in our NOC center. Optionally, we also perform regular backups of the entire solution.

Easy scalability

No need to plan for future or seasonal upgrades. If you need more IP phone extensions or licences, just contact our support team and we will change your tariff immediately. There are no additional one-off cost associated.

Guaranteed service level

For all Daktela PBXs VM Edition we complete a signed service level agreement (SLA), in order to ensure the maximum service availability of the solution.

Regular updates

As part of our monthly fee, we take care of all regular maintenance, including any necessary security upgrades and new functionalities.

Function of the PBX and call centre

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