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If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them online on our chat (Webchat, Facebook Messenger). We are also available by email at or at + 44 (0)800 470 2159.

(When you call, you will be automatically directed to the voice signpost by the callsteering service. When prompted, say “Sales Department” or the specific name of the Daktela employee who sent you the demo access.)

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    Fully functional demo

    It allows you to connect your phone, try calls, web chat, helpdesk with the possibility of processing email and many other advanced features.

    Same functionalities

    The demo version contains the same functionalities as the customer control panel with basic settings. You can click and set everything yourself, either from the perspective of the operator (communication with the customer) or the manager / admin (settings, statistics). After agreement, it is possible to set up an individual account with settings.

    Individual approach

    Fill out the form and we will send you access to the demo exchange no later than the next working day. At the same time, our employee will contact you, with whom you will agree on the next steps for testing and demonstration of individual functionalities and modules.


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