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Customers today want efficient financial services with personalised support – deliver the next-generation experiences your customers expect across all available communication channels.

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More than 1000 clients trust Daktela everyday

Daktela solution for you

Secure information, instantly accessible for CX

Our secure solution stores and protects all your customer information. When authorised agents are connected to a customer, they instantly have the complete interaction history to understand and resolve issues quickly.



AI with a Human Touch

Let customers self-serve common queries and processes quickly with artificial intelligence and automation. Whenever the need arises, they are given the option to connect with live assistance.

Artificial intelligence and communication

Save time and increase productivity with proactive outbound calling

Set up outbound campaigns using manual, preview, Robotic or predictive dialling modes. If required, you can also add a web-based call script to guide agents on the call,

Dialler Call Centre

Give your customers the freedom of choice

Engage with your customers on the channels most convenient for them and continue your conversation wherever they go next. From email and web chat to voice and video, your agents will always have the full picture with a complete interaction history for every customer.

Omnichannel communication

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Consolidated customer data

There’s no need to switch between tools to get further information or customer data. Everything is consolidated in one secure platform and specific alerts can also be set to highlight any critical account notifications.

Create your own contact centre

Set up quick important alerts

Quickly and easily share important information with different sets of customers simultaneously with bulk SMS text messaging.

SMS Connect

Šetřete čas, automatické navolávání je rychlejší než práce agentů
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Transparent pricing

Calculate a price estimation based on your business needs

Check the estimated costs of running your contact center by number of operators and the range of services provided.

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