You have access to all system settings in your account and the ability to create new settings. Basic operations and system settings are described in the online documentation.First steps with the system: (You can find more detailed first steps of the system HERE)
  • After logging in to the system, it is necessary to select the line number that has been assigned to you and press the “Connect” button in the upper right corner of the screen. If you have downloaded the softphone application and logged in, a phone icon will appear in the top bar.
  • Outgoing Calls: You can try to call your mobile number via the phone icon. After you make the call, the activity card will be displayed automatically. You can simply close this card when you end the call.
  • Incoming Calls: You can try calling Demo at 0220909803 (or 00421220909803). After you receive the call, you will automatically see an activity card. You can simply close this card when you end the call.
  • Helpdesk (Mail & Tickets): You can try to send an email from your email box to . All incoming emails to this mailbox automatically create a new ticket in the ticketing / helpdesk system. You can find the ticket (mail) in the “Tickets” tab in the “Inbox” view. You can download the ticket by simply clicking on the thick blue “Assign Me, Save” button. This is how ticket distribution also works for other categories (eg company departments), or for specific colleagues. In the case of Demos, we recommend assigning the ticket only to you so that you have it under control in the ticketing system. You can also save the ticket for another time, either by pressing the yellow button “Delay by 7 days, Save” or by selecting the time and date in the “Reopen” box and then setting the “Status” item to “Pending”. Within the ticket it is possible e.g. reply to an email message, forward an email, make a call, write an internal comment (Customer does not see comments.). All activities (e-mail, call, comment …) performed in the ticket are stored in the ticket history. You can learn more about the functions supported by our helpdesk at
  • WebChat: You can test the client’s view of WebChat at the address HERE, where a chat window will appear in the lower right corner. If you want to try WebChat from the agent’s point of view, on the client’s view of WebChat you choose that you want to try “WebChat” or later in the decision tree you choose “I want to connect with the operator”, in the Daktela interface you accept the activity and you can chat with the customer as an agent. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp business and Viber business also work on a similar principle (these cannot be tested on the demo exchange).


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