Daktela PBX functions and features

Daktela IP PBX is a high-quality system with modern functions, which until recently were the privilege of the highest class PBX with the costs in hundred thousands of Czech crowns. Daktela PBX is designed not only for SMEs, but also for large companies with many branches with the highest standards of performance, quality and availability. Companies with more branches especially appreciate the possibility of PBX’s interconnection and the subsequent establishment of a single numbering plan. Daktela PBX is a core building module of Daktela contact center. Daktela PBX can be delivered in many variants – cloud-based solutions such as virtual PBX, dedicated option run on a separate HW server or in a form of software image implemented into your virtual environment like VMWare, Xen, Hyper, etc.

Functions and Features

Support of all standard voice features

Daktela PBX supports all standard voice features - transfer a call, hold a call, background music, park a call, attended transfer, return from a transfer, alternation of calls, pick up a call, forward a call, reject a call, identification of the caller, remote pick up and pick up a call from a group.

Recording and uploading of own voice prompts

Daktela PBX enables record or upload own voice prompts and notifications which can be used in any application.

Call recording

The recording function of both incoming and outgoing calls, including transferred calls. Recordings can be searched and played directly in the web interface.

Called groups

Daktela PBX allows to define call groups that include multiple internal or external (mobile) lines. It is possible to define the order by called groups in which lines will be dialed.

Time conditions

Time conditions enable changing the behavior of the PBX based on the actual time of an incoming call. For example, you can specify a different behavior of the PBX for working hours and another one for off-hours and weekends.

Fax server

Incoming faxes are automatically converted into PDF and forwarded to users to mailboxes as an email with a PDF attachment. Outgoing faxes can be sent via email or by using the web interface. Supported formats include PDF, TIFF, PS, JPG and RTF.

Integrated phonebook of IP phones

This feature allows to have in IP phones business telephone directory, which is dowloaded in real time from Daktela PBX. It is also possible integration with corporate LDAP server or Microsoft Active Directory.

Provisioning – automatic configuration of IP phones

Provisioning enables to administrators of Daktela IP PBX easy central administration and automatic configuration of IP phones. IP phones automatically download at regular intervals their configuration files via TFTP protocol, which is automatically generated by Daktela IP PBX.

Support of VLAN 802.1q

Daktela PBX supports 802.1q (VLAN) and 802.1p (CoS), which are necessary for the successful set up of VoIP telephony in large companies and networks with high data traffic. Separation of data and voice traffic into two different VLAN is required whenever there is a high focus on ensuring maximum safety, quality and reliability.

Localization CZ, SK, PL, EN

In basic configuration Daktela PBX includes a complete set of system voice prompts in Czech, Slovak, Polish and English.

Transfer to mobile phones

Daktela PBX enables set a transfer of phone number or user's line to a mobile phone. This transfer can be sophisticated and allows for example callerID preservation of the original caller.

Connection into public phone call network and with other PBXs

Daktela PBX supports a variety of telephony interfaces for connection into the public phone call network. They can be connected via SIP or IAX2 trunk, ISDN30 (PRI), ISDN2 (BRI), analog or GSM interfaces. Through these interfaces it can be connected with other PBXs such as Cisco, Nortel, Avaya and Siemens.

Web admin interface

All configurations of Daktela PBX can be done via a secured web admin interface.


Daktela PBX supports the setup of an unlimited number of IVR trees, which can be chained as well. Setting is done via a web interface, inclusive recording of your own voice prompts.

API interface

Daktela PBX is an open system with API, which offers wide possibilities for integration into other systems. The PBX is no longer viewed as a single functional unit, but as a part of a comprehensive IT solution.

Conference system

Daktela PBX has in a basic module high-end conference system. You can easily create a conference room protected by a PIN and if required configure pstn incoming phone number so participants can call in from all over the world.

Compatibility of IP phones

On Daktela PBX you can connect any IP phone supporting the SIP protocol. It could be a hardware IP phone, SW phone in your computer or phone application on your mobile phone - iOS, Android or Windows Mobile.

LCR - Inteligent transfer of calls

Daktela PBX enables intelligent setting of calls transfer and choosing the cheapest method of connecting the call by a call prefix. Together with the function of operators chaining it is possible to jump automatically to another voice operator in a row if the primary voice operator is temporarily unavailable.


Each line can have its own configured voice mailbox which can be operated via the telephone by help of voice guidance or via a user-friendly web interface. New SMS alerts can be shown on the IP phone, or the voice message can be forwarded to user's email.

Set permission for outgoing calls

Daktela PBX enables set up a permission for outgoing calls. Thus, you can set yourself, to whom shall the given line or the user call.

Support of videocalls

Daktela PBX supports peer-to-peer video calls between two end IP phones which support video calls via a supported codec - H.261, H.263, and MPEG4 H.263p.

Configuration options of incoming calls