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Daktela IP PBX is a high-quality communication system with modern functions.


Until recently, there were only associated with systems costing far more. Our solution has been designed for both SMEs and large companies, providing the highest standards in performance, quality and availability. Larger companies in particular appreciate the benefits of a single numbering plan across all of their locations.

Daktela IP PBX is a core building module of the Daktela contact centre and can be delivered in many variantsEither as a public cloud-based solution such as the virtual PBX, or as a dedicated option running on a separate hardware server implemented into your own virtual environment like VMWare, Xen, Hyper, etc.



Support of all standard voice features

Daktela IP PBX supports all the standard voice features – transferring a call, placing a call on hold, playing background music, parking a call, attending and blind transfers, call forwarding, identification of the incoming caller, call pick up and hunt groups, etc.

Connection into public phone call network and with other PBXs

Daktela IP PBX supports a variety of telephony interfaces for connection into the public phone network. These can be connected via SIP or Digital trunk, ISDN30 (PRI), ISDN2 (BRI), analogue or GSM interfaces. Through these interfaces the system can be connected with other on premise PBXs like Cisco, Nortel, Avaya and Siemens, etc.

Recording and uploading of own voice prompts

Daktela IP PBX allows the users to record or upload their own voice prompts and notifications.

Call recording

You can record both incoming and outgoing calls, including transferred calls. These recordings can be retrieved and played directly through the web interface.

Web admin interface

All configurations of Daktela IP PBX can be completed using our secure, web administration portal.

Calling groups

Within the system, you can define different hunt groups which include multiple internal or external (mobile) lines. Within these groups, it is then possible to configure the order in which calls are answered.

Time conditions

Time condition options allow administrators to change the behavior of their IP PBX. Based on the current time of an incoming call, you can specify a different behavior of the system for working hours, another one when you are closed and during weekends or public holidays.


Our system allows you to set up an unlimited number of IVR trees. These can also be linked together as needed. Configuration is done via a web interface, including recording your own voice prompts.

Fax server

Incoming faxes are automatically converted into PDF and forwarded to users’ mailboxes as an email with a PDF attachment. Outgoing faxes can be sent via email or by using the web interface. Supported formats include PDF, TIFF, PS, JPG and RTF.

Integrated phonebook of IP phones

This feature allows you to have IP phones in a business telephone directory, which can be downloaded in real time from Daktela IP PBX. Also, it is possible to integrate the system with your own corporate LDAP server or Microsoft Active Directory.

Provisioning – automatic configuration of IP phones

Our Auto-provisioning functions make it simple for administrators of Daktela IP PBX to configure devices. IP phones automatically download configuration files at regular intervals via TFTP protocol. These are automatically generated by the Daktela IP PBX.

API interface

Daktela IP PBX is an open system with an API which offers a wide array of potential integrations into other systems. The system does not need to be viewed as a single functional unit, but as a part of a comprehensive IT solution.

Support of VLAN 802.1q

Daktela PBX supports 802.1q (VLAN) and 802.1p (CoS), which are necessary for the successful set up of VoIP telephony in large companies and networks with a high data traffic. Separation of data and voice traffic into two different VLANs is required whenever there is a high focus on ensuring maximum safety, quality and reliability.

Conference system

Our solution includes a voice conference function so participants can call in from around the world. You can create the conference room protected by a PIN, if required, to make it closed or completely open if preferred.

Voice Prompts

In basic configuration, Daktela IP PBX includes a complete set of system voice prompts, these can be set up in multiple different languages if needed.

Transfer to mobile phones

Daktela IP PBX allows you to set a call transfer or to forward calls from a user’s regular phone number to their mobile phone. This transfer or forward retains the original caller ID.

Compatibility of IP phones

You can also connect any IP phone supporting the SIP protocol to Daktela IP PBX. It could be a hardware IP phone, a softphone on your computer or a phone application on your mobile phone. We support iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Least Cost Routing (LCR)

Daktela IP PBX uses LCR software within the solution to intelligently route outbound calls via the most cost effective method of connecting the call. This can be based on a call prefix, the time of day or a range of other parameters you can set. You can also automatically move to another voice operator if the primary voice operator is temporarily unavailable.


Each line can have its own voice mailbox which can be operated directly by way of the telephone or via the user-friendly web interface. New message notifications are shown on the IP phone. The messages can be forwarded to the user’s email.

Set permission for outgoing calls

You can configure permissions for outgoing calls. This allows you to manage and control the costs of outgoing calls.

Support of videocalls

Daktela IP PBX supports peer-to-peer video calls between two end IP phones which enable video calls via a supported codec – H.261, H.263, and MPEG4 H.263p.

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Incoming phone calls

Configuration of all incoming phone numbers inclusive colored lines and international incoming calls.

Time conditions

Configuration of different behavior for working and non-working hours.

Welcome messages

You can play your own welcome messages or we can record customized voice prompts for you.

Voice IVR

Playing IVR options, the customer selects one.

Inbound queues

Sohpisticated call routing to the correct inbound queue, play background music and regular announcements.

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