Inbound call center

The Daktela Inbound call center offers conditional call routing, using context-based inputs and other versatile selection capabilities. The Call center core is based on the Incoming call queues and IVR menus and can be reached using direct phone numbers (DID, DDI).  The calls are than routed to Agents logged in the queues.

Basic features

Call recording

Recording function of both incoming and outgoing calls, including forwarded calls. Recordings can be searched and played directly from the web interface. It is also possible to download recordings in a bulk.

Contact card with communication history

By an incoming call the customer's contact card is automatically opened. Once the call is ended the card is automatically updated without any manual setting done by the operator. Thus, a complete communication history with the customer is created.

Call queues

Configuration of call queues is without compromise with many functional settings. The most commonly used are priorities in queues, customized background music or recurring welcome voice prompts.

Intelligent missed calls

Daktela offers intelligent missed calls management system. Operators have a permanent access to a common list of missed calls and they can call easily call back the customers.


Daktela supports configuration of an unlimited number of IVR trees, which can also be chained. The configuration is done via a web interface, inclusive recording of your own messages. There are calculated statistics over IVR.

Priorities and skills of operators

Daktela supports complex setting of skills and priorities in queues. They can be changed in realtime. PBX chooses the best and most suitable operator for each particular call.

Configuration options of incoming calls

Advanced functions

Intelligent call routing

Daktela call queues enables intelligent call routing of incoming calls to operators. For example, the function LastAgent enables a priority routing of incoming call to the operator, who spoke with the customer within the last few hours. The customer does not have to explain his/her problem again, because he/she is served by the same operator.


Call routing  based on data from the external system

Daktela can ask an external system (eg. your CRM or ERP) by an incoming call into the call center, to whom, where or how the incoming call should be transferred. An example might be the implementation of customer segmentation, by which the external system returns information, whether the calling customer is end user or the corporate customer. Based on this information, the PBX then transfers the call automatically into the correct call’s queue and to the right operator.

Support of external and mobile operators

Also external operators can work with Daktela, for example, from a home office. They need an internet access and a web browser for their work. Daktela supports operators working on mobile phones. These operators can answer their incoming calls on their mobile phones and these calls are also recorded and reported in statistics.