Integration ABRA

ABRA is a powerful information system for managing and operating companies of all sizes. ABRA can save time, increase efficiency and reduce administrative costs. She works 24/7, adapts to your business processes and communicates with your unique systems and applications.

How much does ABRA’s integration with Daktela cost?

Daktela provides standard integration free of charge (contact details) with one-way synchronization (ABRA >> Daktela). In the case of customizations, integration may be charged.

How can you integrate ABRA into Daktela?

For basic integration, it is enough to fill in the basic authorization data in the administrator interface in Daktela.

Required authorization data:

  • Instance URL – the address of your server
  • Username – Log in from the account you want to use
  • Password – password for the selected login name

What are the benefits of ABRA?

  • She does a lot of activities herself, thus saving the work and time of your people
  • Adapts to processes, and is flexible
  • Links all company information
  • Thanks to the rich API, it easily cooperates with other applications and systems

Standard integration can synchronize the following data and optional fields:


  • Title
  • URL
  • Unique name
  • address_id
  • birthnumber
  • commercialsagreement
  • dateofbirth$date
  • firstname
  • gdprvaliditysuspended
  • grade
  • hidden
  • id
  • idcardnumber
  • isemployee
  • isowned
  • lastname
  • note
  • objversion
  • personalnumber
  • picture_id
  • salutationname
  • salutationtitle
  • suffix
  • title


  • City
  • Country
  • CountryCode
  • Email
  • PhoneNumber1
  • PhoneNumber2
  • PostCode
  • Street
  • Title
  • URL
  • Unique name
  • Afterdueterm
  • Afterduetermenabled
  • Checkcredit
  • Code
  • communicationtype_id
  • correctedat$date
  • correctedby_id
  • createdat$date
  • createdby_id
  • credit
  • creditaccount_id
  • currency_id
  • dealercategory_id
  • dealerdiscount
  • dealerdiscountkind
  • debitaccount_id
  • dueterm
  • duetermforpurchase
  • ecdcustomeridtype
  • einvoiceformat
  • elecposagreementref
  • electronicaddress_id
  • employeecount_id
  • eoriidentnumber
  • equitycapital_id
  • firm_id
  • gdprvaliditysuspended
  • hidden
  • id
  • importdatafromaresat$date
  • invoicingdelivery
  • isregistered
  • k0 – k15
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