International phone numbers – Build Presence in Any Country

International inbound numbers provide your company with an immediate presence overseas and extend the availability of your service further. They can enable your business expansion to new regions and markets at minimal costs.

Your customers abroad only incur local charges when calling your International Direct Dial Numbers (DDI) and the calls are automatically forwarded directly onto the Daktela system. Any customers calling your International Toll-Free numbers do not incur any call charges at all. As with the above these are automatically forwarded to the underlying numbers on the Daktela system.


Basic features

Incoming calls free of charge

Incoming calls to international DDI numbers are routed to your PBX or Callcentre free of charge.

Numbers from more than 60 countries

We support international landline and toll-free numbers in more than 60 countries worldwide. We can also provide bulk International, national and local numbers.

Outbound calling Line Identity (CLI)

When calling out to your international customers, we can present the outbound CLI as your own underlying DDI number making it easier for customers to call you back.

International toll-free numbers

We can provide international toll-free numbers from many countries. Your customers will then call your business for free from these countries.

Simultaneous calls

We guarantee up to 4 simultaneous calls to your international DDI number, but we have the option to increase this if required for a small fee.

International calls

You can use our high-quality voice services to call international destinations. We offer very competitive rates.

Technical parameters of the service

Supported VoIP protocols are SIP and IAX2

Supported codecs are G729, G711a (alaw), G711u (ulaw), GSM, G722, or OPUS

Our SIP trunks can be optionally secured with standardised protocols - SIP TLS and SRTP

Our lines and numbers work with all vendors – including Asterisk, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens, Avaya & Broadsoft

Technical support is provided 24×7×365. It includes proactive monitoring of service quality.

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