Daktela Interviewer

Daktela Interviewer is used for an automated, robotic dialing of contacts, without operators. This is a special outbound campaign with phone numbers that Daktela dials automatically according to exactly set up definitions.

Basic features

Large variety of applications

You can choose from a variety of applications after answering a call - eg. IVR trees with survey questions, playing voice prompts, voicemail, call transfer to the operator for further assistance, etc.

Call recording

Daktela Interviewer supports call's recording. You can for example record client's answers.

Number of availability attempts and delays

Daktela Interviewer supports variety of configuration options, like number of call attempts, delays between repeated call attempts or active / inactive time conditions.

Time conditions

Daktela Interviewer enables setting of time conditions which determines at what time the system is active.

Statistics and reporting

Daktela Interviewer provides a detailed reporting on activities - eg. call answer success rate, the number of calls over time or length of calls.

Maximum simultaneous calls

You can configure the dialing speed of Daktela Interviewer by setting the maximum number of simultaneous calls.

Advanced functions

Programming API interface

Daktela Interviewer provides an API interface which can be used for example for an automatic import of contacts from your information system or getting call results from the finished calls. Together with the phone number of a contact it is possible to import other call metadata which can be used when dialing. An example could be import of phone number together with a payment due date and amount due of the receivable. When Daktela Interviewer dials the contacts, it can play the automatic voice prompts together with other dynamic imported metadata about the due date and the amount due of the receiveable using the text to speech technology.

    Practical usage examples of Daktela Interviewer

  • automated cash collection – for example with displaying the amount invoiced or repayment
  • public opinion surveys
  • automated customer’s satisfaction surveys
  • marketing campaigns