Mobile application

Core functionality of Daktela V6 application is accessible also via mobile application for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). You are able to handle communication with your customers or manage your contact center wherever you are and from environment that is native to your phone.

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Basic features


Mobile application shows by default important parts of dashboard just as you know them from Daktela V6.

Call dialling

Whatever phone number you may want to dial, you can do this with just one click either directly, from CRM or from ticket contacts. The call will be dialled via Daktela V6 PBX so all features will work including call recording, identification by PBX number and complete statistics and reporting.

CRM at your disposal

All contacts and accounts saved in your CRM are available right within the mobile application including fulltext search.

Caller identification

When you receive a phone call on your mobile phone, the caller is automatically identified within Daktela V6 CRM and when found the contact and account will be presented to you.


You can manage all tickets saved within Daktela V6 including change of major properties, commenting tickets, assigning to other users etc.

State settings

Do you need to set yourself as ready or set a pause? Mobile application checks your state in realtime and enables you perform changes to it.

Activate now

You can use the mobile application within your Daktela V6 installation right away and for free as part of standard license fees of individual purchased modules. In order to activate the application let us know at

You can download the application from app stores of individual platforms or by clicking the app store icon at the top of this page.

Feature list

Current version1.31.1
Supported Daktela V6 version6.14.0+6.14.0+
Dashboard - last activities
Dashboard - announcements
Dashboard - my statistics
Activities - call through PBX
Activities - sending e-mail
Activities - missed activities
Pauses - turning on and off
CRM - contacts
CRM - accounts
CRM - contact history
Tickets - views list
Tickets - tickets in view list
Tickets - ticket detail
Tickets - activities in ticket
Tickets - edit ticket details
Tickets - call from ticket
Tickets - add comment to ticket
Tickets - e-mail from ticket