On Premise Daktela PBX

On Premise Daktela PBX runs on a dedicated hardware server located in company’s premises or customer’s data center. For such a solution, we conclude SLA service agreement for providing technical support and guarantee maximum reliability of the solution. Optionally, we can deliver the entire solution in a highly available cluster configuration. On Premise PBX can be optionally extended by omni-channel call center module with native support of many communication channels.

Basic Features

Runs on customer's infrastructure

Hardware Daktela PBX runs on customer's infrastructure and it is under full control of the customer. Daktela has access for service purposes only.

Cluster HA solution

On Premise PBX can be installed in a high available cluster configuration (HA) to ensure maximum reliability and availability.

Reliable and redundant HW

On Premise PBX runs on reliable branded servers with all possible redundant elements. In case of server failure we are ready to replace it immediately, no questions asked.

Regular updates

Within the monthly fee we take care of a regular maintenance and we solve any necessary security upgrades and provide new functionalities.

Technical support 24x7

On premise Daktela PBX provides a technical support 24x7x365. All servers and network components are continuously monitored into our central NOC center.

NOC monitoring and back up

All servers and solution's features are continuously monitored into our central NOC center. Optionally, we take care of regular backups of the entire solution.

Functions of the PBX and call center