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How do you create happy customers? Fast and prompt communication is vital to the success of every e-commerce business.

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More than 1000 clients trust Daktela everyday

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The most efficient customer support

Dealing with thousands of customer requests at once is challenging for any contact centre. Leave routine queries to artificial intelligence tools and ensure that your customers can engage with a real person whenever the need arises.

AI and communication

Get ahead of the competition with better customer care

Our software securely stores all customer communications. When connected, your agents have a complete view of the communication history of that customer, so they can resolve issues quicker.

Enhance customer communication

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Communicate with your customers the way they want to

Daktela seamlessly connects phone, email, SMS, chat and social media within one solution, so you can respond to any customer requirements on their chosen channel.

Omnichannel communication

Manage multiple e-commerce stores at once

Do you have thousands of customers and several e-commerce stores? Our software enables you to manage all communications within one clear platform.

Online Store Management

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Grow your business with our solution.

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See why more than 1000 companies use Daktela every day

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Take a look at our case studies demonstrating how more effective communication gained not only new customers but also a better position in the market.

Transparent pricing

Calculate a price estimation based on your business needs

Check the estimated costs of running your contact center by number of operators and the range of services provided.

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