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Referral Partner Program

Refer your opportunities to the internal Daktela sales team. The Daktela Referral Partner program can be used by an individual or a company with sales agents of its own. It is designed for people who want to promote Daktela to their own networks and contacts who would benefit from Daktela’s features.

Become a partner

  • 15% revenue from MONTHLY license fees
  • Paid on monthly basis for 12 months
  • Free membership
  • Daktela heavily participates or leads the sales process
  • Daktela provides support & professional services
  • End-user customer signs contract with Daktela
  • Regular sales and product oriented trainings
  • Dedicated account manager


Daktela contact center is a cloud-based solution of call center with native support for many communication channels “OmniChannel” in one Web application – phone, email, helpdesk, Webchat, SMS and social networks.


Phone number: +420 226 211 245

Email: partners@daktela.com




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