Call Centre Pricing

Our pick and mix option allows you to choose the license that fits the skillsets of your people to maximise their productivity and minimise the cost. In case you have any questions, call us at 0800 470 2159.

Hosted PBX & Contact Centre Pricing

  • Fully Featured Hosted PBXAll standard features, call transfers, call forwarding to mobile, music on hold, background music, hunt groups, time conditions, callerID.Fully Featured Hosted PBX
  • Voice ServicesUK DDIs, Toll-free and Non-geographic numbers, International numbers from more than 60 countries, Premium rates.Voice Services
  • IVR, VoicemailUnlimited numbers of IVR trees, voice mailbox with new message alerts.IVR, Voicemail
  • CDRCall detail record statistics.CDR
  • Call recordingCall recording for all calls (incoming, outgoing, transferred calls).Call recording
  • Free call recording retentionPeriod for how long call recordings are stored in the system.Free call recording retention
  • APIREST API documentation for external systems integrations.API
  • Integrated CRM solution Allows you to track and manage all customer interactions on one platform. Customer contact history is instantly available for agents. Integrated CRM solution
  • CRM IntegrationsSalesforce, MS Dynamics, Zoho, Sugar CRM, Office 365, integrations with e-shop systems.CRM Integrations
  • Call Queues, Skill based routingOur inbound call routing allows you to route calls the way you want. Queues can be set up with a range of different skill and priority settings. Once configured the system always chooses the best and most suitable agent for each call. Call Queues, Skill based routing
  • Missed Call ManagementOur system includes an intelligent missed calls management system. Any missed call numbers are stored and Agents can then call these numbers back as required.Missed Call Management
  • Realtime PanelIt shows the actual status of logged in agents, queues, open activities across all channels, etc. It is also possible to do live monitoring of phone calls using this panel.Realtime Panel
  • Realtime Reports & Historical StatisticsThere is no need to wait for the end of the week or month to see how you are performing, Daktela Reporting provides tools for real time reporting designed for management of contact centre operations with many standard reports available showing historical statistics.Realtime Reports & Historical Statistics
  • Daktela Wallboard LCD Wallboard is a web application which provides a real time display status of the contact centre (achieved SLA’s on queues, call rates, call statuses, agent status or helpdesk performance). Each Wallboard is made up of predefined widgets and the team-leader can easily create the views required.Daktela Wallboard
  • Daktela Outbound Diallers The Daktela system has a full outbound dialler capability. Each campaign can be set up using manual, preview or predictive dialling modes. Real time information and historical reports on campaigns shows agents states and performance.Daktela Outbound Diallers
  • Daktela Ticketing System Daktela Helpdesk is a multi channel helpdesk application with a modern web interface for user-friendly processing of customer’s requests and internal corporate tasks. Daktela Helpdesk can connect to your existing corporate mail server via standard secure protocols - POP3S, IMAPS and SMTPS. Daktela Ticketing System
  • Daktela Webchat Adding Daktela WebChat to your website or e-shop is simple and takes minutes. Our design can also be customised to match your existing website theme. Daktela WebChat allows you to handle many different chats at a time. Daktela Webchat
  • Daktela Click-to-Call Our web Click-to-call software allows you to convert casual visitors on your website into potential customers. Daktela Web Click-to-Call gives you the ability to add a call back widget to your website.Daktela Click-to-Call
  • Daktela SMS Chat Daktela SMS Chat enables communication with your customers via SMS messages. The advantage of the Daktela SMS Chat is its versatility and support of all mobile phones.Daktela SMS Chat
  • Daktela Social Media FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber.Daktela Social Media
  • Daktela Robocaller Daktela Robocaller is an automated dialing application which requires no agent involvement. This is a special outbound campaign dialing phone numbers automatically, according to exactly set rules that you create.Daktela Robocaller
  • Daktela Advanced Analytics Build your own reports and charts just as you need them. With Advanced Analytics, each person can choose what data they see and how they see it.Daktela Advanced Analytics
  • Daktela AI Chatbots Help reduce the cost of your contact centre operation by responding to hundreds of similar general queries without using a live agent. Daktela Chatbot will handle all the queries automatically for you.Daktela AI Chatbots

All listed prices are based on Daktela UK standard terms and conditions and exclude VAT. Prices may be subject to additional discount based on agreed contract terms and committed licence volumes.


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