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Since its introduction the Daktela solution has been implemented  in a wide variety of different customer applications. Some customers utilise the full range of its Omni-Channel functionality whilst some use only what they require for their business. We have deployed the solution as a replacement for less versatile cloud-based platforms, restrictive legacy based on-premise solutions and in green field sites where the Daktela solution is their first communications solution.

Below we have highlighted just a few of the many hundreds of different applications, which already reflect the implementation experience and our own best practice.

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Daktela Uk references - BlueCross

We now support the original supporter care contact centre, 25 office and animal rehoming centres, 50 retail units and 4 (24/7) Veterinary Hospitals.

Daktela Uk references - SDL Group

Warren Elliot (Group IT Director) directly attributed the success of the company during the current crisis to the work completed by Daktela UK.

Daktela References - SDL Surveying

All payments received by MSS Stonebridge are now completed in a way that is fully compliant with the latest Payment Card Industries requirements.


Daktela References - UKCC

Recently they  moved to our dynamic scripting application saving them both time and money whilst improving the service they provide to their customers.

Daktela Uk references - NWR

Based in Kent they operate a small predictive dialler provided by us to contact their customers and prospects alike.

Daktela UK references

Anderson Brookes reason for moving were simply to gain access to a more reliable service whilst at the same time reducing costs and better managing outbound calls.


Daktela References - 288Group

This service was created as a direct response to the current Coronavirus Pandemic to help small companies migrate to a cloud-based solution to support their business move the home working.

Daktela References - Wargrave Surgery

By implementing the Daktela UK solution the site was able to increase by around

400% the number of customer contacts.

Daktla UK Focal Agent MS Dynamics 365

They required a new cloud based solution that could support all the channels within a single platform. They were already using another cloud based solution, but this did not provide them the functionality they required.


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