References - Anderson Brookes

Based in Bolton, Anderson Brookes are one of the leading personal and business debt advisors within the UK.

Anderson Brookes & Daktela

Anderson Brookes offer a range of service to individuals and business alike and an effective telephone answering solution is vital to them.

Over the Christmas period 2019 Anderson Brookes completed a smooth migration from their existing hosted IPBX supplier to Daktela UK. The migration involved all of their 20+ based office staff and included re-use of their existing Polycom IP phones and the provision of a number of new Yealink IP Phones.

Anderson Brookes reason for moving were simply to gain access to a more reliable service whilst at the same time reducing costs and better managing outbound calls.

During the current Corona Virus Pandemic Daktela worked with Anderson Brookes to move all of their office staff to a home-based operation without any disruption to the service offered by customers and at no cost to the business.

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