FocalAgent offers professional services to the UK Property Market.

FocalAgent & Daktela

+ Microsoft Dynamics Integration

FocalAgent became a customer in 2019.  They chose Daktela as it supported their vision, which was to  help the property market access and harness the power of visual content in order to sell properties. To achieve this they required a new cloud based solution that could support all the channels they needed within a single platform. They were already using another cloud based solution, but this did not provide them the functionality they required.

In July 2019 they went live with our solution using a variety of different communication media mapped to individuals’ own skill-sets. They used a combination of  voice, email, web-chat & SMS across their 40 users ensuring that each user had access to the media that best suited their own role. Later in 2019 they also completed the integration with their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to better serve their customers.

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