Daktela References - SDL Surveying

Stonebridge is the preferred business partner for 100’s of mortgage brokers across the UK.

MSS Stonebridge & Daktela

Like SDL Group MSS Sonebridge are based in Nottingham and selected Daktela UK in 2019 to replace their existing solution based on a combination of Vodafone and Avaya. In September 2019 they went live with 100+ contact centre users primarily based on voice.

As an outbound services company most of their work is based on outbound calling working with property Surveyors arranging house purchase surveys and a range of other services for banks and building societies in respect of mortgage applications.

One of the key requirements of MSS Stonebridge was the ability to complete online credit card payments in a PCI-DSS compliant manner. Daketela UK with its PCI-DSS approved partner OnePayment.net  was able to deliver a complete solution with six weeks of the system going live using the a DTMF based telephone solution. All payments received by MSS Stonebridge are now completed in a way that is fully compliant with the latest Payment Card Industries requirements.

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