SUPPER Deliveries Ltd is the best and fastest way to order fantastic food – and more – online, delivered from London’s finest establishments.

Supper London & Daktela

SUPPER’s ethos is and always will be quality of service. They have developed a solution that not only delivers but complements many of London’s finest restaurants. The high quality of service that you expect from a restaurant is filtered through all the way to how the food is delivered, without exception.

SUPPER have worked tirelessly, from the first days of their inception right up to the current day, to ensure that their service is different, and better, than the rest. Now, by utilising the Daktela Contact Centre, communicating with SUPPER is just as good as their service is.

“It’s been a long journey, but we’ve learnt a great deal along the way, and have now perfected what our restaurants and customers believe to be the best way to transport the amazing food being created.
I personally expect the highest quality and I believe so do our customers. So, that has been translated into every aspect of SUPPER.” Said Peter Georgiou SUPPER’s CEO.

Daktela will support the company’s planned growth throughout the UK through inbound and outbound voice services, email and web chat services all provided through the single Daktela solution.

To find out more about SUPPER, visit:

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