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The first step on the way to becoming one of the most popular shopping galleries today began almost 25 years ago, when several friends decided to sell a range of musical instruments. The first customers started using their services in a stone shop on Vysoká street in the centre of Bratislava.

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Muziker & Daktela

Daktela is a universal customer support solution for us. We especially appreciate the fact that it covers practically all possible communication channels where the customer solves something with us – from the initial request, through the resolution of the order to possible complaints.

As our e-shop grew rapidly, we found out that we needed to have complete control over communication, and only software from Daktela made it possible. Previously, a number of errors in communication arose, for example, from the incoherence of individual systems, which has now been completely solved thanks to Daktel. During the Christmas shopping spree in 2019, we verified that it is unfortunately too late to optimize customer support when you need it. Daktela is a very important and flexible partner for us today, without whom we can no longer imagine customer care at all.

In 2004, an online store was launched and the current name Muziker appeared for the first time. Subsequently, there was a business expansion to the Czech Republic and in less than 10 years, Muziker has expanded to a total of 26 other countries in the European Union. To support the grwoth of the business provided its own customer service, including communication in several different languages. However, it turned out that such a rapid development is very difficult to “manage”, especially from the point of view of customer care.

Over the last five years, Muziker has significantly expanded its product portfolio, which is now far more than just musical instruments. New are the segments of golf equipment, equipment for yachtsmen, equipment for various water sports and technological “gadgets” and smart devices for spending free time. The growing number of customers and e-shop products brought a number of problems at once. In order to confirm the position of a modern seller of products for leisure activities, Muziker had to switch to new technologies in the area of customer care as well.

Therefore, in the spring of 2020, communication software from Daktela contact centres was implemented. This enabled this shopping gallery to communicate clearly with customers, across all channels, from telephone calls, via email and webchat, to messages from social networks. Today, Muziker uses a total of eight Daktela modules, which enables fast and clear communication with hundreds of customers at once.

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