Daktela Skype Connect

Daktela Skype Connect provides connectivity between Daktela PBX and Skype network and you can receive calls from any Skype account. You can thus offer to your customers  an additional communication channel and route calls from Skype network to your call center. Incoming calls from the Skype network are free of charge and they behave like regular phone calls. This way you can configure routing to time conditions, notifications or call centers queues. Skype calls may be recorded and reported in all statistics like regular phone calls.


Skype Connect provides connectivity between your business and the Skype community.

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Basic Features

Support of all Skype accounts

Daktela Skype Connect supports all kind of Skype accounts. It is possible to connect an existing Skype account as well as to create a new one.

Skype calls recording

Daktela Skype Connect enables call recording of incoming Skype calls the same way as regular phone calls.

Support of multiple simultaneous calls

Daktela Skype Connect supports multiple simultaneous incoming calls and this service is suitable for call center environment.

Statistics and reporting

Received Skype calls are treated as regular phones calls and Daktela provides all statistics and reporting.

Integration with contact center

Daktela Skype Connect is fully integrated into Daktela PBX. For example Skype calls are recorded in the customer's contact history.


License is needed for each Skype account connected to Daktela PBX. Operators do not need any additional licenses to receive Skype calls.

Price list of service Daktela Skype Connect

Activation fee72 €
Monthly fee for connecting one Skype account19 €
*) For large volumes of calls it is possible to negotiate individual prices.
*) Prices are stated in CZK excl. VAT.


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