Daktela SMS Chat

Daktela SMS Chat is one of the Daktela’s communication channels, which enables communication with your customers via SMS messages and those messages are brought together into threads. The advantage of the Daktela SMS Chat is its versatility and support of all mobile phones which can send/receive a simple SMS message. Providers of products and services often run only one way informative SMS communication to their customers without the option of answering back and Daktela SMS Chat aims to change it. Give your customers an opportunity to contact your technical support by sending a simple SMS message and surprise them with immediate and relevant answer.

Basic Features

Universal communication channel

Daktela SMS Chat is supported on all mobile phones that can send and receive a plain text SMS message. For its simplicity and universality this communication channel should not be missed out in any call center.

Ready for customized SMS apps

You can easily build and implement your own information service on top of Daktela SMS Chat and it will be serviced by live operators and it will work on any mobile phone without internet.

Categorize SMS chats

You can enable customized reason status codes with every SMS queue and have operators to select them after closing a chat. You can then evaluate the most common questions and topics.

Transfers and consultation

SMS Chat operator can transfer the chat to another operator or invite another operator or teamleader into his/her sms chat for consultation.

Handle multiple SMS chats

Daktela SMS Chat allows you to handle multiple chats at a time. You can set maximum concurrent chats for each agent per his/her capability. You can even make or receive calls during your work on sms chats if configured.

SMS chat transcript

All SMS chat communication transcripts are saved and are automatically added to customer's communication history. You can even use the benefits of fulltext search if needed.

Advanced functions

Integration with SMS services

For sending and receiving SMS messages within Daktela SMS Chat you can use either Daktela SMS Connect with a dedicated mobile phone number which allows two-way SMS communication or you can use Daktela SIM hosting with your own SIM cards.


SMS chats reporting and statistics

Daktela provides a variety of real time reports about the operation of SMS chats. You can use realtime tools like realtime panel or LCD wallboard, which can be fully customized and easily build from predefined widgets. For regular reporting you can display for example number of SMS chats in various queues, SLA, chats duration per queue or per operator or individual operator’s performance.

Integration with Helpdesk and CRM system

Daktela SMS Chat is integrated into the CRM system and helpdesk. The operator already at the beginning of the chat sees customer’s contact card with complete communication history among all channels and all open and resolved helpdesk tickets. The operator can easily assign the webchat communication to existing helpdesk ticket or create a new one. SMS chat is automatically assigned to customer’s contact card communication history.