Augmented Reality for Your Customer Care Support

Do your agents sometimes need to visually show something to the customer or at least they need to see what the customer sees? In this case, an application for transferring video from an iOS or Android mobile camera with Augmented Reality might be just what you need!

Daktela rozšířená realita

iphone8 vizionar Daktela

Easy to use

The application VizionAR is designed to be as easy to use as possible. For the customer to connect with the operator means only to launch the application, say the six-digit code and confirm the connection. Once completed, customer can start showing to the agent in the contact centre through the camera of his/her phone whatever he needs in order to explain his requirement.

Versatile usability

The use of the VizionAR application can be adapted for any of your needs.

  • Claims settlement – the application transfers a guaranteed, unalterable image to the Contact Centre. This allows the agent to evaluate the extent of the damage in real time and advise the customer on further action (for example in the event of a car accident).
  • Technical assistance – the customer has a problem connecting the modem or any other home device? By streaming a screen using the phone’s camera, customer can show to the agent exactly what he needs help with and the agent can draw to the customer’s screen to navigate the customer where and what to do.
  • Product consulting – Whenever customer needs a specific product advice, it is always better if the vendor can directly describe the product’s benefits with the help of visual tools.

VizionAR can be used in many other areas of assistance and guidance. It’s only up to you how your business can use it. The options are endless.

vizionar screen daktela

Ask for Free Trial

If you are interested to try our Augmented Reality feature, contact us at and we will get back to you. Ask for free trial of a modern live chatbot for your website visitors.


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