Chatbot – AI, Automation and Digital Self-Service

Reduce the cost of your contact centre operation by serving hundreds of the same general queries on web-chats, SMS or Facebook Messenger.  Together with our partner ARTIN we have developed an automated customer check-in service through a complex chatbot with ‘natural communication’ feature.

Wide range of configuration options

Chatbot is ready to respond to the customer in natural speech with several scenarios being active at the same time, similar to the demo described below. Typical uses may include:

  • Check the order status
  • Send more detailed information to provided contact
  • Get the customer contact
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Change order status or delivery time

… and many other automated tasks, all in the customer’s natural language.

Compatiblewith various platforms

ARTIN’s Chatbot is an intelligent chat robot capable of answering frequent customer queries. Chatbot is able to connect to the company’s internal system, where it can perform various tasks, such as to check the status of the order, change the status of the order, etc. Based on these capabilities, it saves the operator’s work, which gives them the opportunity to solve more complex problems of other customers. In the event that chatbot hits its limits, it is able to pass on the work to its human colleague with all the information about the conversation. is a supplier of chatbot solutions and digital assistants on its own platform and is behind the first commercial Messenger bot in the Czech Republic. It offers machine learning in Czech and has a wide range of integrations.

Feedyou is a conversational platform that enables companies to effectively build, manage and develop their chatbot solutions across communication channels such as the web, mobile applications and chat platforms Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber or Apple Business Chat and in various language versions. Together with their clients and partners, they most often deploy functional solutions for pre / cross / upsell processes, customer support, handling of complaints and grievances, up to interactive questionnaire surveys, measuring customer satisfaction or for internal communication with employees and job seekers. They hold the prestigious Microsoft Awards 2019 in the Artificial Intelligence category.


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