Do you daily need to drop a personalized message to hundreds of your contacts?
Do you wish to compose an ear pleasing IVR with a dynamic text?
For the Daktela V6 system we’ve prepared an integration of the text-to-speech technology with a premium voice engine.

Simple use

The text-to-speech technology for Daktela V6 system is provided by an external API which allows its simple implementation to best suit your needs. In praxis this means all you need to do is to prepare a campaign in the current Daktela V6 system including all the data essential for the function of the automatic calling with the personalized text.

Represenatation of usage

The text-to-speech technology can handle any type of personalized message you need to create automatically, including language specifics.
Plus, the integrations prepared for the Daktela V6 grant you to easily construct the following outlines:
  • Automated calls to a list of phone numbers with your
    personalized offer: „Hello Mr. Novak, we have an offer X for you valid until X.“,…
  • Automated calls to the list of customers with an outstanding balance providing them with the information of their balance: „Hello, your outstanding account balance is X $ with the maturity on X.“,…
  • Complex and fully dynamic IVR ran by one voice „Your account balance is X $.“,…
  • Specialized dynamic services „It is currently X o’clock and X minutes.“,…

Ask for Free Trial

If you are interested to try our Chatbot feature, contact us at daktela@daktela.com and we will get back to you. Ask for free trial of a text-to-speech feature.