Virtual cloud-based Daktela PBX

It is a hosted PBX located in a fully secured and geo-redundant data center connected to the backbone networks. Virtual PBX offers the same range of telephony features like real hardware PBX. Virtual PBX provides all the advantages of a modern cloud solution without large one-off investments. Virtual PBX can be optionally extended with a omni-channel call center module with native support of many modern communication channels.

Basic Features

Reliable and secure data center

Virtual Daktela PBXs run in a modern, secured and geo-redundant data centers in TTC Teleport Prague, Prague Nagano DC and DC Benestra in Bratislava.

Easy scalability

No need to plan for future or seasonal upgrades. If you need more IP phone extensions or licenceses, just contact our support and we change the tariff immediately. There are no additional one-time investments needed.

Regular updates

Within the monthly fee we take care of a regular maintenance and we solve any necessary security upgrades and provide new functionalities.

Reliable and redundant HW

We take reliability seriously. Virtual PBXs operate on reliable branded servers with redundancy and in high-availability configuration.

Technical support 24x7

We provide technical support 24x7x365 for all virtual PBX and you can reach us using phone, email or webchat. All servers and network components are continuously monitored into our central NOC system.

Lower operating costs

You can significantly saved your operating costs with our virtual PBX- eg. for energy, IT specialist, RACK space, HW maintenance, etc.

Functions of the PBX and call center