Voice prompts recording

The messages and announcements you play to customers who contact you should be both consistent in their design and professional in the message to present your company in the best light.

We offer a professional recording of voice prompts for your system. Voice prompts are custom recorded to suit exactly your application. You can use them in the introductory welcome menus, IVR trees, queue announcements, etc. It is possible to choose from several speakers both male and female with a range of different languages.

Basic features

Choice from several speakers

You can choose from several speakers. You can also choose between recording of female or male voice.

Support of many languages

Voice prompts can be recorded in the following languages - English , Czech, Slovak, German and Polish.

Easy installation of voice prompts

Once the voice prompts are approved, we convert them to the acceptable format and configure them on your system.

Examples of prompts

We work with professional actresses and voice over talents offering high quality voice over recordings for your telephony system or IVR. You can choose from several voice artists, email us at daktela@daktela.com to receive voice artists samples.

We offer voice recordings in British language, female or male voice artists, as well as many other worldwide languages are also available.