Voice services – SIP

Modern, fully digital, secured and yet significantly cheaper telephony solution for your company or call center. Pay no monthly fee, but only your phone bill, which can be checked at any time on the web portal of the service. We can easily port-in your current numbers or we can assign you the new phone numbers from many countries, including special numbers like color lines and toll-free. And if necessary your numbers can be easily ported-out anytime.

Basic features

Modern voice solution

Voice over IP service deliver complete, fully digital, secured, and yet much cheaper solution that fully replaces existing expensive legacy landlines.

Unlimited number of simultaneous calls

Our SIP trunks comes with unlimited number of simultaneous voice channels. No extra licenses or charges needed.

Online billing

Our customers have access to online Webcare billing application which provides with realtime listing of your calls and payments. It is available via secure web interface.

Number porting

No lock-in. Your current phone numbers can be easily ported-in to our network and if needed you can port-out your numbers to another operator anytime.

Antifraud measures

We take security seriously. We have multilayer antifraud system in place which is regularly updated. In addition customers can limit monthly spends online.

DID numbers or bulk numbers

We can assign you with a regular fixed numbers from Czech Republic, Slovakia or other 60 countries of the world. We can do also special numbers like color lines or toll-free.

Technical parameters of the service

Supported VoIP protocols are SIP and IAX2

Supported codecs are G729, G711a (alaw), G711u (ulaw), GSM, G722, or OPUS

Our SIP trunks can be optionally secured with standardized protocols - SIP TLS and SRTP.

Proven compatibility with many vendors - Daktela PBX, Asterisk, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens, Avaya, Broadsoft

Technical support is provided 24×7x365, including proactive monitoring to our NOC center

Price list of voice services for Czech Republic

Rates for calls to mobile network within CR0.036 € / min *)
Rates for calls to landline within CR0.024 € / min *)
Rates for international callscall us
Set up a service SIP / IAX trunkfree of charge
Monthly fee for SIP / IAX trunkfree of charge
Assignment of block of numbers from any UTO in CRfree of charge
Portability of a single number from another operator60 € *)
Portability of blocks od numbers from another operator100 € *)
*) For large volumes of calls it is possible to negotiate individual prices.
*) The portability takes aprox. 10 days
*) Prices are stated in EUR excl. VAT.