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VoIP telefony – VoIP telefonie

What is VoIP and what is it for?

VoIP is an English abbreviation that refers to the transmission of voice over an Internet connection – Voice over Internet Protocol, and therefore we commonly refer to VoIP as Internet telephony. What is the difference between a VoIP phone call and a regular phone call? We use it in the same way as with a regular telephone, we can call all available fixed, mobile and special telephone numbers, but it is often much cheaper. The technical difference is the method of data transmission via an Internet connection instead of telephone lines or radio transmitters used in a mobile network.

VoIP Telephony – Who Is It Right For?

Many companies and public institutions use VoIP telephony. The reason is the many benefits that its use brings. Control over your accounts, the integration of computer and telephone networks, as well as the ability to use the phones you already have are just some of the benefits. Using VoIP telephony is possible thanks to cordless telephones, office telephones and VoIP gateways. Cordless phones are mainly used by private individuals and small offices. They feature a long range and a durable battery and other features. On the other hand, office desk phones are designed for companies, hotlines and call centres. They may have a display, as well as cordless phones. The phones are easy to install and the cable is usually long enough so you don’t have to connect anything else. Thanks to this, you also do not have to worry about other, unplanned, expenses.

VoIP phone

A VoIP phone allows users to establish a VoIP telephone connection with any softphone, mobile phone or landline phone. A VoIP phone can be a simple software phone or a device that looks like a regular phone. They are most suitable for use for operators on information lines, for incoming and outgoing calls, for calling customers. They allow you to use the latest technology.

VoIP phone features

Common features of VoIP phones include Caller ID, Call Park, Call Forwarding, Call Hold, Phonebook, and Multiple Account Settings. Some IP devices also allow video signal transmission.

Fixed IP Phone – Fixed IP phones

A VoIP phone or IP phone is a device for communicating using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

IP phones are visually no different from analog or digital telephone devices. The difference can be found in comparison with analog telephones in connectors – the RJ45 (Ethernet) connector is connected to the IP telephone just like ordinary computers.

The main difference from classic analog telephones is that it offers a wide range of functions and functionalities that you will not find on a classic landline telephone. For example, a VoIP phone offers the option of a central directory or it can be connected to an information system.

Most goods are in stock and we will typically deliver within 24 hours of ordering. If you need help choosing VoIP products, we will be happy to advise you by phone or you can send a question via the contact form. We believe that you will be happy to return to us.

IP Phone – Wireless IP phones

Our portfolio also includes popular wireless IP phones.

Wireless IP devices combine the benefits of a portable phone with IP telephony. You always have your landline at hand, whether you’re in the office, moving around the warehouse or if you have a large workplace.

Conference phones – VoIP phones

A VoIP conferencing phone is a device that allows you to create conferences of several parties in a few simple steps. Each model is adapted to the requirements of conference rooms of different sizes. The conference phone also allows you to organize conferences in your home office.


If you only use your phone with your computer, you can take advantage of another option, and that is to install a softphone directly on your device. You can download the download application, installation instructions and documentation for the softphone directly from us on the web.

Mobile applications for SW – mobile phones

Are you still on the move and none of the previous options is right for you? Still need to have calls recorded and have a perfect overview of all activities? For these cases, we recommend using the Acrobits mobile application, which serves as a mobile phone SW.

Beware of calls you need to have a good internet connection.

Headset – Headsets

We supply high quality WELL Mairdi, Yealink and Plantronics headsets.

Useful accessories for IP phones, thanks to a wide range of discounts, it is possible to connect them to almost all phones of various brands.

The headsets are light and durable, so they are also suitable for everyday use.

In our offer you will find classic in-ear headphones and simple variants with various microphones, just choose …

Most goods are in stock and we will typically deliver within 24 hours of ordering. If you need help choosing VoIP products, we will be happy to advise you by phone or you can send a question via the contact form. We believe that you will be happy to return to us.

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