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Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT in contact centers in the Czech Republic.

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20.6.2023 16:00-21:00

16:00-19:30 Conference
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  • Digital First Contact Centers enabled by AI & Generative AI Jan Hejtmánek, Deloitte
  • What can we expect from AI & new generation of AI Models Dmitry Turchin, Microsoft
  • Redefining Customer Service with AI: Practical Applications and Benefits for Contact Centers David Hájek, Jiří Havlíček, Daktela
  • How Teleperformance uses ChatGPT in contact-center Valeriy Svetlov, Teleperformance

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    Digital First Contact Centers enabled by AI & Generative AI


    Jan Hejtmánek

    Partner | Deloitte CE AI Institute Leader

    Presentation in Czech

    Jan is a Partner in the Consulting department at Deloitte Czech Republic. He leads the Intelligent Automation team for Deloitte CE and is a member of the Intelligent Automation Committee for Deloitte Global.  

    He specializes in developing advanced business-technological solutions and their introduction to the largest global organizations. Jan has over 18 years of experience in technology adaptation for business efficiency. He works closely with clients and helps them transform their processes with regard to digitalisation and end-to-end transformation.

    Jan leads the Deloitte CE AI Institute, which aims to showcase all of Deloitte’s key activities in the artificial intelligence area.

    What can we expect from AI & new generation of AI Models

    Dmitry Turchin1

    Dmitry Turchin

    AI Product Marketing Lead at Microsoft CEMEA

    Presentation in English

    Dima is leading Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence go-to-market in CEMA region, responsible for landing product marketing with focus on Azure AI platform, including most recent Azure OpenAI and other next-generation AI technologies . He has 20+ years of background in the technology industry, spanning across Machine Learning, Business Development, IT and Marketing. Dima is working closely with Corporate Product and Engineering teams in Microsoft and overlooking strategic AI projects in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

    Redefining Customer Service with AI: Practical Applications and Benefits for Contact Centers

    David Hájek

    David Hájek

    Founder and CGO, Daktela

    Presentation in Czech

    David is a seasoned technologist, entrepreneur, startup investor, and the co-founder, co-owner, and Chief Global Officer at Daktela, a leading Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) provider. Leveraging his more than 20 years of experience in the IT and technology industry, he directs the strategic development of Daktela and spearheads its global expansion initiatives.

    Starting his professional journey at IBM, David gained a wealth of knowledge working in a global tech corporation. He then ventured into the world of startups, joining Systinet, a company that was later acquired by HP. These experiences served as a launching pad for David’s deep understanding of technological innovation and enterprise-level solutions, which led him to co-founding Daktela.

    David’s vision allowed Daktela to evolve from a company initially focused on delivering VoIP calling solutions to businesses into a premier CCaaS provider in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region with a strong global presence. Today, Daktela caters to over 1000 corporate clients, offering an expansive suite of solutions that extend beyond traditional contact center software.

    Under David’s leadership, Daktela has integrated cutting-edge technologies such as generative AI tools and introduced advanced people management solutions like Workforce Management (WFM). This diversification of offerings has solidified Daktela’s reputation as an innovative player in the industry.

    Jirka Havlíček

    Jiří Havlíček

    CTO, Daktela

    Presentation in Czech

    Jiří Havlíček works as the Chief Technology Officer at Daktela and has been in this position since February 2022. Since joining the company in 2018, he worked as part of the Customer Success Team, where he was in charge of taking care of large customers with the focus on maintaining relationships and the complete development of customizations. Before coming to Daktela, he held the role of IT Director at Information Line 1188 from the KKCG group. He graduated from the Prague University of Economics and Business, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics in 2016. Jiri has a pilot’s license and in his free time, he enjoys flying.

    How Teleperformance uses ChatGPT in contact-center

    Valeriy Svetlov

    Valeriy Svetlov

    CEO, Teleperformance

    Presentation in Czech

    Valeriy is currently the CEO of Teleperformance Czech Republic, a position he has held for over 4 years. He has extensive experience in managing international outsourcing call-centers, leading teams of hundreds of employees from different countries, and delivering international best practices to clients.

    Svetlov holds an MBA and is a Customer Experience & Operations Executive. He is known for his focus on digital transformation and process improvement, and he drives business growth and operational excellence at Teleperformance Czech Republic. He also takes an active interest in the latest trends and technologies shaping the industry, such as artificial intelligence, which he believes is rapidly changing the customer service landscape.

    Under his leadership, Teleperformance Czech Republic has been utilizing ChatGPT in its systems to provide next-level services, indicating a commitment to adopting advanced Al technologies for enhancing customer service.

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