Artificial intelligence and communication

Leave routine activities to robots and direct complex customer issues to your agents. You can create filters to decide which queries are best for AI and which need to be passed to live agents.


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Customer behaviour under the microscope

Robots can provide real-time analysis of your customer’s requirements and purchasing behaviour and adjust the course of the chat conversation accordingly.


Customer communication is constantly improving thanks to AI

The key to artificial intelligence is machine learning. This capability improves its performance based on previous experience, data collection and online analysis to ensure your customers always enjoy the best experience.

AI and communication

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Robots advise and guide throughout the entire purchase

Voicebots are evolving rapidly and can now successfully manage complex conversations with customers. You often don’t even know if it’s not a live operator.

Enhance customer communication

The virtual assistant is always in a good mood

Customers can more often be satisfied with a good AI interaction than with an agent as they can navigate quickly and easily to accomplish what the customer needs.

Improve customer experience

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