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Our mission is to create the best Omni-channel contact center service for businesses in Europe. We have already created a service that helps our customers build the best possible customer care through all available communication channels such as voice, email, SMS, web chat, Facebook Messenger and more.

At present, our contact center solution is deployed at over 1000 business customer operations from different market segments and countries. Some of these include major companies such as the SDL Group, Blue Cross Animal Welfare, Royal Canin, T-Mobile and FocalAgent.



Independence and responsibility

We do not punish mistakes. We praise independence, responsibility and the ability to complete tasks.

The company is about people

We strive to build a family-like environment, one without politics and complex processes, where we can rely on our colleagues.

Simplicity is power

We believe that simplicity is often our competitive advantage over complex and cumbersome products.

We are an open company

We give our employees superior access to information which helps them make better customer-oriented decisions.

Clear goal of our mission

We want to have the best omni-channel contact center in the CEE region to help our customers build modern customer support.

Pro-customer approach

We do not sell what the customer does not need and do not accept decisions that do not benefit the customer.



  • We distribute rewards twice a year according to our profits
  • We pay for lunches using electronic meal vouchers
  • We all have an electronic payment card for drawing benefits. With this card we can pay for our favourite sports, cultural or other leisure activities
  • We provide a home Internet allowance so that we can sometimes work from home
  • We offer the possibility to choose your own laptop and operating system
  • We do not have an open space office, but separate offices for teams
  • Occasionally, we can work from home and sometimes, when we are not well, we can get a paid sick day
  • Offices in Prague 3 have good transport connections
  • Multicultural work environment
  • Unlimited supply of high-quality coffee and table football for letting off steam

Maybe we are looking for you!


If you share the same values and like what we do, feel free to write to We will be pleased to hear from you and will let you know the details of the individual positions available.

Business Development Manager



Business Development Manager


Key Account Manager – Telco/IT Solutions - Hungary



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