Mobile Application

Now with a brand new design

Core Daktela V6 functionality is also possible using our mobile application for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). Take care of your customers or run your contact center from anywhere, using an environment native to your mobile device.

Supported Daktela version: 6.18+
Current mobile app version: 2.5.0


Main features


The Daktela Mobile App displays important parts of the Dashboard just like you are accustomed to from the browser version of Daktela V6.


CRM at hand

A complete overview of all contacts and accounts is available within the app. You can even edit entries and create new ones or start an activity from the contact or account details.


Work with any tickets stored in Daktela V6 or create new ones. The Tickets module lets you send emails, dial calls and add various comments to your tickets. The Notifications Center lets you know about any changes to tickets that you own or follow.


Favourite features

Call dialling

A call to a new phone number or a contact from the CRM or a ticket is just a touch away on your phone. The call is dialed via the Daktela V6 system, meaning everything works as expected, including call recording, call identification using the PBX number and comprehensive statistics and reporting.

Integrated SIP Client

You can also handle calls using your phone's internet connection – no external SIP client is necessary (beta stage).

Chatting with customers

Manage all your chats directly in the Daktela Mobile App. Whether your customers prefer web chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber, you can now stay in contact even when you are away from your PC.

Logging in to queues

Users can quickly log in and out of queues they have rights to, the same as in the browser version.

State settings

Do you need to start or end a pause? The mobile app checks your state in real time and allows you to change it as well.

You can do so much more


Send emails with attachments (files, photos, videos) | Call via the PBX | Manage your chats | Work with postponed and missed activities.


Edit your contacts and accounts | View tickets and activity history | Send emails, dial calls and start new chats from the CRM.


View and download attachments | Add comments | View ticket activity history | Send emails, dial calls and start new chats from a ticket | See your ticket notifications.

User state

Log in and out of queues and devices | Set up call forwarding | Start and end a pause.

Activate now

You can start using the Daktela Mobile App immediately and free of charge as part of your standard individual module license. Please contact us at to activate your Daktela Mobile App now.

Download the app in the app store of your mobile platform or click the links at the top of this page.

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