eCommerce – Communication Under Control

Choose a tailor-made solution for your e-shop and work from anywhere.


Useful tips 

For beginner eshops

Are you starting an e-shop?

Here are some tips on how to keep customer support under control and avoid losing customers because you did not know that they were trying to contact you for help or support.

How to further grow your business?   

Established e-shops

Do you already have an e-shop? Several employees? But you do not have control over the number of processed and missed calls, emails and web chats?

Do you want to expand the number of communication channels with, for example, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber?

Effective management 

Do you have more

Do you have several eshops and get confused by all those email messages and calls?

Unify everything into one clear application. In addition, you can automate some steps and save your customer support time and save yourself money.

Expand with us!

Expand Your Retail Business

Does your e-shop extend abroad?

We will provide you with local telephone numbers for each new market, so you can expand abroad professionally. Within one web interface, it can serve several e-shops clearly and in one place.

Everything especially clear and in one place

With our system you will have a perfect overview of customer requirements, their solutions and the occupancy of your entire customer line and individuals. Your customers can communicate with you via phone, email, web chat, Facebook Messenger and also SMS.

You and your operators can serve your customers from anywhere with a stable Internet connection. Many customer lines are currently moving to home offices.

Tailor-made for your e-shop

We know the specific challenges for e-shops and can help you overcome them. Whether your goal is to improve or establish customer support or you want to save time and money on complicated systems.

You can work from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet browser and internet access. Whenever and from wherever you connect, be sure not to miss out on any customer contact.

Have a perfect overview of how your e-shop is performing in the field of customer care.

Integration with internal systems

As an open solution, Daktela offers ready-made integration tools with popular CRM and e-shop systems. Some integrations can be easily turned on directly in the Daktela interface with a few clicks, while others offer a smart phone bar directly in the application.

We have prepared integrations with the Shoptet, Sky-shop, Shoper, Sugar CRM or Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems. Appropriately chosen integration of multiple systems can increase the efficiency of your customer support and reduce costs.

Gain an advantage over your competition!

See why over 1000 companies use Daktela every day

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Read interesting stories of companies that gained not only new customers, but also a better standing in the market thanks to more effective communication.

Transparent pricing

Calculate a price estimation based on your business needs.

Check the estimated costs of running your contact center by number of operators and the range of services provided.

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